Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My week...

The week's not even half over yet and I'm real beat...
3 tests in the past 2 days...
Another 2 on Friday.

Wonderful no?
That makes the average number of tests per day a grand total of.... ONE!
A freaking one -.-

Not to mention the school has to be stupidly idotic and place bio and chem on the SAME day one AFTER the OTHER.

Friday it'll be BOTH the languages which I'm totally clueless in.

Great huh?
Life can't get any better.

Oh wait.
It can.

It seems all my non-language common tests are after the holidays, so yay my holidays are forced to be spent on studying!
Not only that I've got to learn to make Kimchi as well ! -.-

OHHHHH you just gotta hear this.
The best part of my holiday has been postponed as well.
The GERMANY trip has been postponed due to swine flu.

I have OFFICIALLY NOTHING to look forward to YAY

No Germany Trip.
Yes homework.
Yes study.
Yes kimchi.

At least I have salsa....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happier note

Whooo it's fei's Birthday today.
Happy Birthday fei!

Lol I suddenly feel very old. ><
But yea la, I ain't that much older than her....

So... She's the first in our family to get an mp3 mp3, not the handphone mp3.
I'm happy for her I guess.

While we were wrapping her presents today, we started talking about presents.
We realised that fei got the first mp3.
Rusty got the first psp.
I got the first.... Dunno?
Jol got first... dunno?
Ri.... No idea either. A matter of time.

It feels weird ya know.
Having your young sibling getting something you never had before you have.
Ah but it's no great lost.

I may feel envious and jealous....
But I can't do a thing about it.

It isn't something I really wanted or want anyway....I think ><


You forgot didn't you?
Yea I guess you did.

I tried refraining myself from reminding you.
I find I appear desperate.
The only one who wanted it.

Since it's not important enough to care about....
To remember...

Why should I bother?

The thing is I do.

Because you forgot....
I feel out of place.

Do I mean anything at all to you?

I am merely someone to keep you company when no one else will?

I seriously don't know.

I had a random talks with one of my friends...

Maybe it's just me.

I care to much.
Think too much.
Feel too much.

It's me who makes myself unhappy, uncomfortable, lonely and such....

We were talking...
She told me, her first meeting with me was scary.

She said I looked unsociable and scary.
Am I really?
Do I look that unapproachable?

Maybe I do.
How do you make one look more approachable oO?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey its been awhile.

There's no difference.
I'm just as bored with school.
The same falling asleep in lectures and class.
The same late work.
The same teachers.
The same environment.

But.... Not the same dance steps!
Moving on to Intermediate.
We'll be starting our lesson this sat.
Can't wait!

I want to join more classes....
I brought it up once when my parents were there....
My dad... Wasn't supportive.
He just had to burst my bubble...

Ballroom/ social dance is my current interest.
Can't he give me something to gush over and be all hyped up for?

I know the uni has them...
So what?
That's a while back.
I've been postponing joining lessons since like forever.
I only finally took the step and started this year.

Nevermind, I shan't let him affect me.
I know these stuff will affect the time I have left for studying.
I know I need the time badly too.
But still...

I'm still going to look for more lessons.
Since the only person who will join me for any of these lessons (xd) wants the lessons to be either on waltz, tango or foxtrot, my range is rather little.
Hope there'll be a lesson starting soon somewhere nearby.

Sunday, April 5, 2009



I'm freaking tired.

I've been so for the past few days..

No idea why -.-

Which is why I currently have a whole pile of homework to complete in my supposed weekend.
But guess what?
Saturday has passed and it's now Sunday.
I guess I won't be finishing them.

Man... I feel like such a failure.
Why can't I be like the others and DO my work.
Why do I have to feel so drained after I get home every night -.-
So much so I can't think straight, don't even start on studying and doing my homework...


CCA is officially 2 days a week now.
Which brings the number of free days to 1. (weekday)

Or not.
Since it's the only early day, it's used for extra lessons/ make up lessons/ consultations / lectures....


At least I've still got Salsa....
But it's already the 6th lesson....
I hope he'll continue teaching...

It's the only time I don't think about the mountain of homework I have to so much as start on....

Chinese tuition's been .... great?
I'm thinking of asking her if she can teach me twice a week again.
I really need it....

Maybe I'll ask the "boss" there if I could possibly go to the center after school on my ONLY free day, to make use of the facilities to study...

This sucks...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You did it again....

I should have expected that.

In fact... I did.

I just hoped....

That you wouldn't...


Why is it you make me feel guilty for doing things which others can easily do?
Why is it you make me feel guilty for such small things?

You did it again ya know.
You made me feel like shit.
You made me chose, because you phrased it such that emitted your disapproval.

You happy now?
I'm doing it your way.